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At All Round Environmental Services we pride ourselves in providing a professional, friendly & efficient service offering advice on prevention & control of insect, animal pests & proofing of premises. We offer a wide range of pest prevention/control services to domestic & commercial premises at competitive rates and can design contracts to suit individual requirements. We want you to be free from pest problems, whether it's flies, wasps, fleas, call us today!


Our team consists of experienced, qualified technicians who will be able to provide you with the requirements to be pest free! We can call on over 30 years’ experience within the pest control sector. Making sure pests do not cause a nuisance in your home or business is our goal. We can make regular visits to ensure a high level of service is provided when providing a pest extermination solution. Through our dedicated team and excellent pest control, we will make sure the threat is eliminated before an infestation is established.


A cockroach infestation.

Wembley, Middlesex: cockroach infestation

All Round Environmental Services were called out to deal with a German cockroach infestation in Wembley. Heavy infestation found with cockroaches mainly in the kitchen. Judging by the amount of cockroach spotting (droppings) and empty egg cases, they had been around for several months. Treatment consisted of an application of insecticide gel to all affected areas. Usually placed in kitchen wall and base units, around the boiler and behind the fridge. The cockroaches feed on this gel and the affects start around 24 hours after application. In some cases, a second treatment is required. The photo shows some of the evidence. You will notice dead CR's, egg cases and droppings.

The rat infestation problem.

Tower Bridge rd, Southwalk, London SE1: rat issue

We had a call out for a serious rat problem over in Tower Bridge Rd SE1. The lady living there enjoyed feeding the birds and had feeders all over their garden. This had caused rats to be running around all over the place. All Round Environmental Services came out to investigate, and advised to remove bird feeders and then the treatment work started. (We put down rat poison, and traps to stop the pests, ensuring that the area was safe for children)

One week later they returned and had no further signs of activity found or reported. They have attached some photos and a short video. With this story...


Leaving bait under the cupboards.

Radlett, Hertfordshire: mice issue

Called out to deal with problem within a kitchen. Family had found that an animal had been nibbling at their bread & Cereal stored at the bottom cupboard within their kitchen- evidence of plastic wrapper that had been torn and small teeth marks on bread.

All Round Environmental Services came out and conducted an investigation- carefully checking under the kitchen units, we soon discovered mice droppings, and a hole under an external gas pipe where the mice had go into the house.

Advised customer that we would put down mice bait within boxes to make the mice drowsy the mice will then leave the kitchen and usually go back outside to pass away. We will check the kitchen again, and advise the client to block up the hole by the pipe once we are certain no mice are left under the units.

The call out took less than 30 minutes, and the customer was very happy that we had identified, and resolved their problem.


Faulty drain system.

Finchley, North London: rats

Call out for rats at a property in North London. Rats were gaining access to the kitchen areas and after inspecting the external part of the house I found no visible entry points. Once that's established I checked the drains outside. I found heavy rat activity in the manhole and drains were blocked. Suspect the rats are entering via a defective pipe. Baited drain and advised customer that the drains need clearing and a CCTV camera survey will need to be carried out to establish fault and then repair as required. We also have a drainage specialist who can help with this

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